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Ages & Stages Questionnaire (ASQ) Online

Understanding your child's development

Help Me Grow offers the Ages & Stages Questionnaire (ASQ) Online screening for Ohio families with children under age three to help parents understand how their child is developing and whether there are any concerns. This developmental screening is free, short, and easy to complete.

Before you get started:

Do you live in Ohio?
This screening is for children in Ohio. For families outside Ohio, please contact your state’s Early Intervention program for developmental screening information.

Is your child under age three?
This ASQ Online screening is intended for children under the age of three and can be completed for children as young as two months old (adjusted for prematurity). If you have concerns about the development of an Ohio child who is three or older, visit our Community Resource Directory to find your local school district’s contact information.

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How developmental screening helps children

Screenings help parents celebrate their child’s milestones, know what to look for next, and figure out whether follow-up steps are needed. It’s an important first step in identifying if children have delays or disabilities in the critical early years before they start school.

What is the ASQ Online?

ASQ is a screening for children’s development. It has been used for more than 20 years to help parents identify their children's strengths or areas where they may need additional support. The ASQ provides a quick look at how children are doing in important areas of development.

At what age should a child sit up, hold on to a toy, or say their first words? Parents have natural questions about how their child is learning, developing, or behaving, and wonder if there are any concerns. The ASQ-3 questionnaire includes questions about your child's communication, gross motor, fine motor, problem solving, and personal social skills.

The ASQ screening can help identify your child’s strengths and any areas where your child may need support. As a parent or caregiver, you know your child best. That’s why the ASQ screening is designed to be filled out by you. It’s quick and easy. You will only need 10-15 minutes.

How ASQ Online Screening Works

  • To answer each question, you can try fun and simple activities with your child. These activities encourage your child to play, move around, and practice every day skills.
  • You will answer each question based on what your child is able to do now. For example, the questions may be answered with a simple  “yes,” “sometimes,” or “not yet.”
  • After you complete the ASQ screening, a Help Me Grow specialist will share and discuss the results with you. If your child has trouble with some skills, Help Me Grow will help you with next steps.
Finding delays as early as possible supports young children’s healthy development. You know your child best, and you are an active partner in your child’s learning and development.

Click here to start the ASQ Online screening

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If you would also like to understand how your child is developing socially and emotionally and whether there are any concerns, you can complete the Ages & Stages: Social Emotional 2 (SE:2) Questionnaire. The ASQ: SE-2 questionnaire includes questions about your child's ability to calm down, take direction and follow rules, communicate, perform daily activities (e.g., eating, sleeping), act independently, demonstrate feelings, and interact with others.

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