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Read about Ashley

Read about Ashley

Photo of Ashley and her family

Ashley Jones learned about Home Visiting through an ad she heard while riding on the bus one day, and the promise to help pregnant women and children drew her in.

 For Ashley, a mom of two young children from Columbus, Home Visiting has provided the support she needed as a new parent. Her children, a 3-year-old and an 8-month-old, have benefitted from the program too. The trusting relationship Ashley has with her home visitor has helped Ashley find information and resources she needs.

“When I need help with my children, [my home visitor] helps with the referrals. She’s very nice and outgoing,” Ashley says. Ashley enjoys talking and interacting with her home visitor and learning new things.

“I’ve learned about resources for people with low income or single moms. I told her a couple issues my son was having. I discussed them with her, and she referred me to a behavioral doctor,” Ashley recalls.

When asked what she would tell other parents interested in Home Visiting, Ashley says, “I enjoyed it, so I think they would, too. Home visitors are very helpful, and if you need resources, they have those. There’s a variety of things they can help with.”

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