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Submitted by Dylan Berg, December 2022 

Which service was provided for your family? 
Home Visiting and Early Intervention

Who are your children, and where are you from?
Hunter, Robby, and Callie, and we're from Trumbull County, Ohio

What's your story? 
Help Me Grow and Early Intervention has been amazing for our family. When I had my first, they helped me get my son services for a speech delay. They are now working with my twins-- one who is a typical learner and one who is atypical with a speech delay. Everyone is always kind and supportive and makes sure we have the information and supplies we need, including diapers, wipes, and stuff for the household. They are always so happy to see the kids. So thank you Jen and Tara for being amazing. Also thank you Terry, our Early Intervention specialist, for being so great with the twins. The kids love all of you and I love that you guys get to be a part of their lives.

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