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Voice Recognition

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Dallas Family Darke County
Submitted by Nathania Dallas, March 2023

Which service was provided for your family? 
Early Intervention

Who are your children, and where are you from?
Ewan and Sials, and Darke County, Ohio.

What's your story? 
When it became clear that my twin boys Ewan and Silas were not meeting developmental milestones in speech, I felt like I was in the dark, not knowing how to help them. Unable to use words to express their needs they would whine, grunt, and cry, becoming increasingly frustrated with my inability to understand what they were trying to communicate This left me overwhelmed as my guesses at their needs were rejected one by one. All of that changed when we started receiving Early Intervention services with Help Me Grow. I can still remember the relief I felt the very first time that Mary, Lisa, and Leslie came to our house, bringing with them the light of empowerment and hope. After our very first meeting I felt such relief that I was no longer alone, that I had help, answers, and support. Month after month, Mary taught me skills and strategies, and with each subsequent visit our world became brighter and brighter. Our boys are 3 now and it is hard to remember that there was a time when they could not express themselves as readily as they do now. Our days are bright with their lively chatter, not just asking for what they need but sharing their imaginations and observations. Our family is so grateful to Mary and Help Me Grow Darke County for all they did for our boys and our family!

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