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Baby Callie Clinton County
Submitted by Harlee Pringle, December 2022 

Which service was provided for your family? 
Home Visiting

What's your baby's name, and where are you from?
It's Callie, and Clinton County, Ohio.

What's your story? 
We started Home Visiting to get more ideas on activities we could do to help us and Callie learn more. Even though she is our third child, we don’t always know everything there is to know about a child's tiny developing mind. Our home visitor has been a joy to have around. Between the information she has brought to us and the many activities we are given, our little girl is soaring with all kinds of learning opportunities. She really enjoys the homemade toys and activities as much as I enjoy learning how to better help her learn. Our visitor has been the best to help us with referrals and anything else we are needing help with.

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