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Read about Kelsey

Read about Kelsey

Ms. Vick and Declan

Submitted by Kelsey Aukerman, October 2022

Which service was provided for your family? 
Home Visiting

What's your baby's name, and where are you from?
It's Declan, and Stark County, Ohio.

What's your story?
We love our home visitor Ms. Vick! I started working with her towards the middle of my pregnancy. She's always so supportive. There was a time where I was raising my nephew while my brother battled out his addictions. Ms. Vick included my nephew in her caseload and continued to educate me on his age group, answering any questions I had. She has always answered the phone, even late at night. Anytime I have a question regarding my son Declan's development, she’s the first person I text. And that's not to mention how much my son adores her! We love Ms. Vick and look forward to the next couple years with her as our home visitor.

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