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Melissa and baby Skylar Trumbull County
Submitted by Melissa Marie Kiser, December 2022 

Which service was provided for your family? 
Home Visiting

What's your baby's name, and where are you from?
It's Skylar, and Trumbull County, Ohio.

What's your story? 
As I recently become single mother who was going through a divorce during the beginning of this process, [Home Visiting] not only helps me out financially but it helps my daughter out. She loves the home visits from Help Me Grow. [My home visitor] Tara is awesome, and Skylar really loves all the activities she brings along. She has learned so much with only being two years old. She knows most of her colors, and we are working on potty training and numbers as well. But I love all the resources Help Me Grow uses and the activities they do with her as well! Such a great tool for any new mom!

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